Blue Hackle static security capabilities include residential and site security services. Our teams are trained and deployed to provide armed guard perimeter security, roving patrols, entry control point security, Tower guard duties, and manning of dedicated on-site control rooms. Our highly-experienced static security provides a continuous, high level of capability to detect, assess, prevent, and counteract any act of threat, while providing command and control to security forces.

Residential Security Services provides complete force protection to any private and commercial premises.

Blue Hackle currently has teams protecting both the Blue Hackle Baghdad Headquarters and the Blue Hackle facilities in Basra.

The Residential Security Team (RST) in both these locations are split into day and night shifts and cover the outer Entry Control Points (ECPs), Badging Systems, Watchtowers, Patrols and man the CCTV. These shifts each have an integral supervisor who reports to the Blue Hackle Operations Managers at each location.


Blue Hackle provides mobile security services using Private Security Detail (PSD) and Convoy Escort Teams (CETs). We have conducted over 80,000 mobile operations in hostile environments over the last ten years without loss of personnel or assets under our protection. This outstanding safety record is due to the highly skilled employees and the use of SOP that are derived from UK Forces counter insurgency doctrine. This combined with a wealth of experience throughout Iraq gives clients the confidence in selecting Blue Hackle as their security provider in Iraq.

Blue Hackle can provide armoured vehicles to suit client requests ranging from SUV’s to large capacity armoured buses.

Blue Hackle has a fleet of armoured vehicles for on demand/ad-hoc requests in Baghdad and Basra that can be arranged at short notice and provide access country wide.

Blue Hackle has the ability to source any specification of vehicle on demand through our vehicle supplier.


Blue Hackle has been providing secure accommodation in Baghdad and Basra since 2004. With our secure accommodation facilities being conveniently located in each city, clients who stay with us in Baghdad and Basra find it extremely convenient to conduct meetings from our residence or for travelling around the city. In addition, with the comfort of knowing that the Blue Hackle country management team is located within the same secure compound, it is no wonder why clients chose to be accommodated within our Baghdad and Basra premises as their primary choice for life support and accommodation.

Our secure accommodation for clients staying within our Baghdad and Basra location, whether for long term lease or for on-call temporary accommodation includes:

  • 24-hour security, including perimeter security and CCTV.
  • Adequate stand-off from the road with blast deflection walls.
  • 3 Western meals per day.
  • Fully furnished bedrooms with en-suite.
  • TV with access to satellite channels.
  • Supplied bottled water on as needed basis.
  • In room facilities for making Coffee and Tea.
  • 24 hour internet access.
  • 24 hour access to recreation room.
  • 24 hour access to on-site gym.
  • Daily cleaning and laundry service.
  • Full set of BPE.


Our secure locations in Baghdad and Basra offers clients an ideal location to rent our modern, purpose-built office spaces, providing piece of mind and conveniently for ease of travel within each city.

Our business facilities are purpose built for individuals, governments and corporations who require access to a professional office environment and facilities with all the services expected of any dedicated commercial premises.

Blue Hackle’s fully-serviced offices provide everything international companies require to get on with their business in Iraq.

  • Private or offices with furniture and IT equipment.
  • Meeting and conference rooms available upon request.
  • Full internet access with high speed Wi-Fi connection throughout.
  • Admin staff and translators on hand to support client specific requirements.
  • Printing facilities available on-site.


Blue Hackle can design bespoke solutions to meet our client’s every need. We are innovative in our approach and ensure that our solutions are cost effective, flexible and represent the best solution available. “Other services Blue Hackle can provide include, but are not limited to the following:”




E-gate (passport gates)


Visa Services

Crisis Response

Risk Management and Mitigation.

Airport VIP Services

Threat Monitoring and Reporting

Close Protection